Vienna was Karl's favouite city. It smelled of horse-poo and tobacco, but it had impressive buildings and the friendliest people we met in Europe. The food here was rather impressive.

1_cafeeinstein.jpg 2_insideeinstien.jpg 3_schnitzel.jpg
Cafe Einstein - where we went to have schnitzel. Inside Cafe Eintein. It was dark and cool - 30 degrees outside. Mmmmm...schnitzel
4_sachertorte.jpg 5_condoms.jpg 6_funny_sign.jpg
Mmmmm...Sacher Torte A condom machine in Vienna. Hard to see, but the condoms had very cool names. One was called "Darling" and the other was called "Wild Love" and had a picture of James Bond Oh! And me here with a chicken all ready to spit-roast!
7_strauss.jpg 8_safe_sex.jpg 9_hotel_view.jpg
Thanks to this man we had opening sequence in 2001: A Space Odyssey This was in a parasites exhibit in the Museum of Natural History!!! The view out of our Vienna hotel.
10_biffed_face.jpg 11_duck_shower.jpg 12_cricket_ladies.jpg
It's hard to make out, but the guy looking up gets repeatedly biffed in the face by the fountain. Another Schonbrunn Palace statue. Two people who appear to be showering under a duck. The bowler and captain of the Austro-Hungarian cricket team discuss tactics
13_legionary.jpg 14_forest.jpg 15_penis_envy.jpg
What appears to be a tree dressed up as a Roman legionary - Schonbrunn Palace statues are weird! 8:30am and not a tourist in sight Karl getting penis envy in Sigmund Freud park
16_third_man1.jpg 17_square+memorial.jpg
Wait! Harry Limes! A sobering memorial to Jews killed in WWII - 250,000 from Vienna alone.