The Czech Republic was a very interesting country. The center of Prague is medieval but completely owned by tourists. The rest of the country is ex-communist and feels very poor and run down. Communist tower blocks dominate the city skylines and it's hard to reconcile this with the tiny winding central city full of rich Westeners. I had some of the best beer I have ever tasted here!

1_praguehotel.jpg 2_nearhotel.jpg 3_charlesb.jpg
Our lovely hotel in the Prague Suburbs This photo was taken without moving my feet from the previous photo - Prague the city of contrasts Tourists, tourists everywhere - on the famous Charles Bridge
3.5_rudegothic.jpg 3.6_Stag Moat.jpg 4_comsign.jpg
Some rude architecture on the Charles bridge - a man with his hand up what appears to be a Nun's skirt! Sort of Gothic porn How easy to lose all the tourists - just take a few steps to the side. This is the Stag Moat around the Prague Castle Plaster work from the 16th Century. Faith and Justice in the Royal Gardens. The Communist symbol was added in the 1950s.
6_czechcounryside2.jpg 7_oldshrine.jpg 8_airpollution.jpg
The countryside of the Czech Republic, still the same little villages but less churches We found this on the side of the road by McDonalds. The cross looked a lot older than the figure of Christ. Air pollution - otherwise known as "Heat Haze"
9_sign.jpg 9.5_boat.jpg 10_night.jpg
A cool sign from the Central Square Eh??????? Prague by night
11_spiders.jpg 12_vitus.jpg 13_soviet.jpg
Some BIG Prague spiders St Vitus dominates the skyline in a very sinister, gothic way This is the Garden Area. Apparently there are more gardens here than anywhere else in Prague. The Soviet housing from 1950s is everywhere.