Germany at last! The 32 hours of travel were over and we set down to some serious sightseeing!

1_frankfurt.jpg 2_frankfurt.jpg 3_damstadt.jpg
Karl looking half dead and trying to find his way around Franfurt Airport A cool big glass roof Catching the train for our 12 hour train trip. We hadn't been to sleep yet - it was off the plane, into the Hbf.
4_train.jpg 5_train.jpg 6_train.jpg
What it feels like in a German train… Cute little villages with cute little church spires Looking down the train. Where are all the Germans?
7_4U.jpg 8_konigplatz.jpg 9_mastodon.jpg
Out the window of the 4U Munchen backpackers after several blessed hours of sleep. LOOK!! Old buildings (we have quite a few shots of these first few old buildings we saw - I won't bore you with them) Inside the State Paelentology Museum looking at a Mastodon
10_moa.jpg 11_merc.jpg 12_fuzzy surfer.jpg
Hey - they have a Moa from Neuseeland A film crew in Munich with a very cool car This guy was surfing on a standing wave in a river! The water rushed out from under a bridge and he was fully surfing on it