The Mercedes Museum

This was a bit of a pilgrimage for Karl. The trip was hard straight off the plane, negotiating the train system and trying to understand where were were supposed to go, but the visit to the museum was very, very worth it.

1_engine.jpg 1.5_DBcompany.jpg 2_name.jpg
One of Karl Benz's first engines (a pump engine) Gottleib Daimler's first company (making industrial engines) The first car to carry the Mercedes name
3_racing.jpg 4_6cyl.jpg 5_8cyl.jpg
One of the first racing cars in the world The first 6 cylinder engine in the world Cool inline 8 cylinder
6_fuelpump.jpg 7_inlaw.jpg 8_odd.jpg
The fuel pump in a race car - operated by the co-driver! The mother-in-law seat :-) A funny rear-engined roadster from the VW era (didn't sell too well)
9_odd.jpg 10_arrow.jpg 11_arrow.jpg
Nice from behind though… The original Silver Arrow. The car was 1kg too heavy so the paint was ground off - bare aluminium is silver and the rest is history… A very simple cockpit for a race car (compare to the F1 below)
12_emperor.jpg 13_hapsberg.jpg 13.5_pope.jpg
The Japanese Emperor's bulletproof 600 Merc The Emperor of Austro-Hungary didn't want a Merc hood ornament. Got the Imperial crest instead The Pope's seat in his 600 Pulman limo
14_beauty.jpg 15_roundie.jpg 16_300sl.jpg
The most staggering gorgeous car in the museum. Only 5 exist now… A rather nice 1950s convertible Obligatory 300sl gull-wing photo…
17_C111.jpg 18_f1.jpg 19_f1.jpg
I never thought I would ever see one of these. The C111 concept car that inspired a generation of matchbox toys Ooh nice! DC's office
The museum itself (Fangio's W196 Grand Prix car is in the center)