The Hungarian Grand Prix

Exceedingly hot, sweaty, dusty and just really, really cool

1_bus.jpg 2_village.jpg 3_vodaphone.jpg
The very crowded bus ride out from Budapest The bus dropped us in this wee village. We had another 30 minute walk to the Hungaroring above The Vodafone stand. You could sit in a Ferrari and play F1 on the PlayStation for prizes
4_merchandise.jpg 5_kimis_car.jpg 6_mainstraight.jpg
The Ferrari and Mercedes merchandise stands. All prices were in Euro and VERY expensive. The big drawcard on the Mercedes stand. Kimi's car from last year. Our view of the main straight where Martin and James sit.
7_what we could see.jpg 8_montoya.jpg
Our view of the track Montoya screams past (we had to switch to the big TV at this point) What it was like to be there!! (QuickTime MOV)