1_Hadrians.jpg 2_KarlH.jpg 3_stones.jpg
Onward to Hadrian's Wall… Karl trying hard to look Roman. The circle of standing stones at Castlerigg
4_cows.jpg 5_lake.jpg 6_York.jpg
The circle of sitting cows at Castlerigg The Lakes District. Oh, Pretty! Walking the walls of York.
7_ironbridge.jpg 8_Shrewsbury.jpg 9_Wales.jpg
The bridge that started the Industrial Revolution. Shrewsbury is very pretty, but I couldn't find shrewsbury biscuits anywhere. Wales was a breath of fresh air. It actually HAD fresh air.
10_Dinas.jpg 11_uni.jpg 12_Canal.jpg
Castell Dinas Bran lurking on a hill above Llangollyn. The University of Birmingham, complete with Kiwi tourists and a member of staff. Some bits of Birmingham are really rather nice. Take this canal for example.
I would really like to take one of these Smart Cars home. It probably would fit in my suitcase even…