The Alps

The Alps really blew us away. They are big mountains, but full of people. We found it hard to think we were in the middle of towering peaks, but driving on a 4-lane motorway. We went through two 8km long tunnels! Our hotel was in the middle of nowhere and we felt very relaxed and quiet (Fiona may have yodelled a bit).

1_meadow.jpg 2_village.jpg 3_house+alps.jpg
A beautiful Alpine meadow - literally It's like being on the set of Heidi Mountains, fresh air and window boxes. What more could you want?
4_badaussee.jpg 5_hotelview.jpg 6_hotelview2.jpg
Heh, heh... Bad Aussie This was the view from our hotel window!!!! We woke up in the morning and this was what greeted us. The best view on the whole tour without exception.
7_salzberg.jpg 8_fahrt.jpg
Salzberg from the fortress. We both loved Salzberg, but it signalled the end of our tour. What 9 days of European food does to you…